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Regime e dissenso. 1931. I professori che rifiutarono il giuramento fascista

This special issue of the Journal of History of Turin University collects the essays of various scholars on the theme of the refusal of the oath of allegiance to the fascist government, which all of Italy’s university professors were required to sign in 1931 and on those personalities who, having opposed with firmness and courage to defend the rights of liberty, were expelled from the places of knowledge, grafted on elsewhere and gave fruit elsewhere. Thanks to the examination of new archival sources, editions of correspondence, recent studies on the fascist dictatorship and the antifascism, together with the interaction between the same authors, following the 1931 Regime and Dissent, The professors who refused the oath conference (Turin, 5-6 May 2021), it was possible to create a choral work with a wide range of points of view and historiographical approaches that shed new light on the protagonists of the refusal, on their works, memorials and testimonies, on relations with the authorities, the colleagues, the friends and students and on the Italian and international context.