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XLIX Congress of the Physical Chemistry Division of the Società Chimica Italiana, Torino 4-7 September 2023

The 49th National Congress of Physical Chemistry (XLIX CNCF, Turin 2023) is promoted by the Physical Chemistry Division of the Società Chimica Italiana.  The Conference, organized by the Physical Chemists of the University of Turin, will be hosted by the Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences. The aim of the conference is to show how the physical-chemical approach, based on a multi-scale view of matter, offers fundamental contributions, through experimental, theoretical and computer modeling methodologies, in fields ranging from astrochemistry, biochemistry, catalysis, soft-matter to materials science (to name but a few).  The scientific program is divided into six (T)hematic sessions, introduced by plenary lectures by researchers who will demonstrate the synergy between experimental and theoretical methods in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of chemistry: T1. Physical chemistry of materials (Ulrike DIEBOLD) T2. Physical chemistry of soft matter and life science (Benedetta MENNUCCI) T3. Physical Chemistry of energy production and storage (Danilo DINI) T4. Theoretical and computational chemistry (Alexandre TKATCHENKO) T5. Physical Chemistry approach to catalysis (Ainara NOVA) T6. Reactive processes in gas, liquid and solid phases (Nadia BALUCANI)