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An Open Space to discuss the relationship between inclusion and online learning e-LTTA Proceedings (9-11 November 2021)

In November 2021 the partners of the Improving Digital Education for All Learners (IDEAL) project, an Erasmus Plus-funded collaboration between nine partners (representing universities, vocational learning providers and specialists in inclusion and communication) met together in Torino for a knowledge and practice sharing event, intended to promote knowledge and awareness of inclusion in the context of access to and delivery of online learning, and to reflect on what understanding had been gathered in reviewing the impacts of online learning during the early days of COVID-19, the global pandemic. The event was hosted jointly by the University of Turin (UNITO) and the Istituto dei Sordi di Torino (IST), which specialises in inclusive education for those with severe hearing impairment and promotes better understanding of the d/Deaf community and culture. The three-day event, was itself a hybrid event where some of the partners were able to meet face to face, and others participated online due to travel restrictions. 13 participants attended face to face and were joined by 11 participants online. In total there are 25 abstracts contributed by those involved and their colleagues. All submissions were peer-reviewed by colleagues within the partnership.